Saturday, August 13, 2016

Millenial Talk

"Ano ba hinahanap niyo sa isang partner?" Jap asked all of a sudden.

We looked at each other.

Who will answer first?

Obviously Drew is out of the picture.

Walang makasagot.

"Ako I'd look for a partner who doesn't base mostly on looks," Jap answered his question.

"What do you mean?" I probed.

"Yung tipong kahit may tiyan ka na o kahit hindi ka na ganoon ka-gwapo eh mahal ka pa din."

"Hay Jap, we're still creatures of superficiality. Hindi mawawala ang looks," I made a rebuttal.

And it's true. We're looking for partners who more or less, would be quite identical to us, in some way or the other.

"Oo alam ko naman pero sana lang someday we can look at relationships other than having trophy boyfriends of that sort."

We nodded.

"Yung tipong despite how everything has changed, kayo pa din. Kayo lang din. Wala nang iba."

I felt Jap's jadedness with his statement. Naramdaman ko what that felt like: "Kayo lang."

"Hay, basta ako kung meron, meron. Kung wala, wala. My family is my priority," Aaron interjected between our #relationshipgoals drama.

"Oo naman dear. Whatever happens, family is family. We also know what happened to you. Buti naka-move on ka na," I said.

"Buti na lang talaga kamo. Isa sa mga na-realize ko sa isang LDR is that sooner or later, may susunod - na dapat may mag-gi-give way kasi hindi talaga posible yung isang dekada kayong magkahiwalay, skype-skype lang? Nope. Not gonna work.

And it struck me.

I wasn't like that. It was a clash of egos. Pride versus pride.

As most of you know how I wrote poems of the saddest themes. It was for my ex. The one I firstly and truly had a hard time dealing with post-breakup.

I got fazed. Nawala ako. I lost myself along the journey. And no matter how I wanted to let go, I couldn't.

"Anyway guys, pupunta pa kami ni Drew sa Butterfly. Babalik na siya sa Tuesday sa Cebu," Jap unconsciously popped my thought bubble.

"And I think I have to get back to work too," Aaron added.

"Ako naman I have to get up early to jog," may masabi lang ako.

"Sige I'll see you guys around."

We waved each other goodbye.

"Sa susunod guys, I think darating din tayo doon," Jap, with finality, spoke.

"Saan doon?"

"Na hindi na tayo mag-ba-base sa laki ng muscles ng partner natin or that hahayaan na natin ang kahit anong imperfectons meron sila."

We laughed lightly.

"Oo Jap, we're looking forward anong mga mapag-uusapan natin by the time we're 39 - 10 years from now. Sana something deeper, richer than the ones now."

And just like the rising sun during Malate days, we all went our ways - with stories from each other to keep for another decade.

"But a voyeur is so possessed by what he sees that he doesn't reason. The world is all blinding surfaces." - Becoming A Man by Paul Monette


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  1. looks will fade.

    buti na lang flexible ako sa options when it comes to guys haha!

    I am more into bears now